Educating students on the chains of the past

The story of Georgi Saraivanov and why it is important to know our past. Louisa Slavkova for Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation’s blog.

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What’s the difference between Intelligence and State Security?

Momchil Metodiev talks about our right to insist that security services in democratic countries are different from those in communist regimes and that their distinction lies in the consequences of the actions of these services.

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Mapping a generation in transition: impressions from Sofia

Read the impressions of the participants in the kick-off meeting for the project “Mapping a generation in transition”, conducted in Sofia in May 2015 and hosted by Sofia Platform.

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A view from inside Yemen

Sarah Ahmed, a sociologist and activist, based in Sanaa (Yemen) and a co-founder of the initiative #SupportYemen, shared here views on the crisis in Yemen with us.

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About Syria, ISIS and beyond

by Rossitsa Deleva

Rossitsa Deleva, an analyst focusing on MENA and a Special Envoy to Syria for the Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Nickolay Mladenov (2012-2013) talked to us about the on-going civil war in Syria and the rise of ISIS.

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