Download the individual policy papers from the publication “Unrewarding crossroads? The Black Sea Region amidst the European Union and Russia” below.

Part I
The Common Neighbourhood: Vying for an Independent Choice

Armenia’s Imperative: Regaining Strategic Balance
Richard Giragosian

Azerbaijan: Striking a Balance between Russia and the West
Arzu Geybullayeva

Georgia: Reducing Anti-Russian Rhetoric, Accelerating Co-operation with the European Union
Mariam Naskidashvili

The Origins of Foreign Policy Shifts in Moldova
Leonid Litra

Ukraine’s EU-Russia Dilemma: the Essence of the Choice
Iryna Solonenko

Part II
The EU and Russia: A Contest for the Neighbourhood?

Escaping Geopolitical Entrapment: the EU’s Eastern Policy in Light of EU-Russia Rivalry
Laure Delcour

Russia and Its Neighbours: Possessive Love, Abusive Friendship?
Andrey Makarychev

Part III
The East of Europe, West of Russia: What Role for Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey?

Elusive Identity: Duality and Missed Opportunities in Bulgarian Foreign Policy in the Black Sea Region
Stefan Ralchev

Romania’s Western Road through the East
Bogdan Nedea

What Should Turkey Do to Stabilise the Black Sea Region?
Özgür Özdamar

Part IV
Energy and Security in the Black Sea region: (Re)-emerging Trends

Game of Pipelines: the Future of the Energy Sector in the Black Sea Region beyond the Pipeline Knot
Anna Dimitrova

Trapped between Two Visions: the Black Sea, Ukraine, and Regional Security
Kevork Oskanian