Lessons from the past: what happened before ’89? (March 2016 – February 2017)

During a sociological study, realised in the framework of the national initiative “25 years free Bulgaria”, it became apparent that young people in Bulgaria have serious knowledge gaps when it comes to the Communist period in the country. At the same time, the information they do have is largely based on the personal memories of their relatives and friends instead of on knowledge gained from textbooks and books.

Sofia Platform aims at contributing to the solution of this problem with the project “Lessons from the past: what happened before ’89?” which includes 30 open lessons in schools all around the country, 15 seminars for history teachers on the topic of Communism in Bulgaria, 5 exhibitions with the the art of Petar Baytchev, who was a political prisoner in Belene and 5 public discussions at Bulgarian universities with the cooperation of BBC aiming at popularising the “Georgi Markov” award and the literature of the author himself. Sofia Platform, with the help of a Council of experts, will also provide study materials for students and teachers on the topic.

Support for Sofia Platform is provided by the America for Bulgaria foundation. The statements and opinions expressed herein are solely those of Sofia Platform and do not necessarily reflect the views of the America for Bulgaria Foundation or its affiliates.

Mapping a generation in transition (2015-2016)

“Mapping a generation in transition” is an international project which unites NGOs from Central Europe, Eastern Europe and the Balkans and aims at  analysing the problems, challenges and opportunities which lie before the generations that witnessed the societal transformations in their respective countries, commonly associated with the process of transition. The participants in the project include Sofia Platform (Bulgaria), German-Russian Exchange (Germany), Antikomplex (Czech Republic), Sakharov Center (Russia), Institute of Social Science and Foundation „Wissen am Werk“ (Croatia), Congress of Culture Activists (Ukraine), Perspektive3 (Germany), Populari (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Two meetings on the project in Sofia and Berlin have been conducted so far (videos below). We will soon announce more details with regard to this exciting initiative.

The videos were produced by Doerte Grimm.