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“The Generation of Transition in Eastern Europe: A Generation of Uncertainty – a Generation of Distrust?” – Preparatory Workshop, Berlin 24 September 2018

After a few months of desk research and more than 49 semi-structured interviews with representatives of the Generation of Transition from Russia to Poland, we are happy to announce that we are a step closer to publishing a report on values, attitudes and patterns of engagement of young adults in Eastern Europe. It is meant […]


Second module of the project “Civic Education in Action” on the topic “Constructive Communication and Interaction” in Sofia

Our team, together with historian Svetlana Mihaylova, visited Knyaginya Maria Louisa Professional High School and history teacher Ms. Yana Todorova to complete the module on the topic “Constructive Communication and Interaction” with her eleventh grade class. Through the “World café” method, we were able to understand and explain, through discussion and informal conversation, a large […]


Second module of the project “Civic Education in Action” on the topic “Civil Society and Civic Participation & Me and My Civic Position” in Varna

We returned to the Acad. Metodiy Popov Natural Sciences and Mathematics High School, where we met with philosophy teacher Mrs. Diana Markova’s class, along with our expert historian Momchil Metodiev, to complete the module on civic education on the topic “Civil Society and Civic Participation & Me and My Civic Position” by viewing and analyzing […]


Second module of the project “Civil Education in Action” on the topic “Freedom, Citizens and Power” in the town of Bansko

In the final part of the six-hour module on civic education for the eleventh grade on “Freedom, Citizens and Power” at PGEE Bansko, together with expert Ralitsa Kirilova an history teacher and representative of the local municipal authority Mr. Yousuf Salih, we managed to explain key concepts set out in preliminary curriculum of the Ministry […]


Second module of the project “Citizenship Education in Action” on the topic “Student and School in Democratic Citizenship” in Vidin

On May 8th with our expert Mariana Asenova, a journalist, we went back to Yordan Radichkov Secondary School to introduce to the school management the results of our joint work with Mrs. Valea Alexandrova, historian, and XI class on the topic “The Role of Students and Schools in Democratic Citizenship”.


First module of the project “Civil Education in Action” on the topic “Constructive Communication and Cooperation” in Sofia

On 30 April, with students of Ms. Yana Todorova, a history teacher in the eleventh grade in Knyaginya Maria Luisa Professional High School in Sofia, we held the first part of the civic education module on “Constructive communication and interaction”. Through interactive role-playing games and intriguing discussions, together with our experts on the topic Svetlana […]


Second module of the project “Civil Education in Action” on the topic of “Freedom, Citizens and Power” in Montana

On 27 April, with our expert Nilitsa Kirilova, a culturologist, we returned to Hristo Botev Secondary School in Montana for the second module of the civic education lessons. With the help of engineer Ivo Ivanov, the children managed to put themselves in the role of municipal advisers and discuss a proposal for a dog park […]


Second module of the project “Citizenship Education in Action” on the topic “Minorities and Civil Society” in Peshtera

After the interesting first run of testing for the civic education programs for the eleventh and twelfth grade at Atanas Chenglevev Secondary School last month, we returned, with sociologist Maya Grekova, to the class of Ms. Maria Vachkova, an economics teacher. We succeeded in concluding our “Minorities and Civil Society” module through simulated games and […]

First module of the project “Civil Education in Action” on the topic “Civil Society and Civic Participation & Me and My Civic Position” in Varna

What does civil society mean and what does it mean to have a civic position? We discussed this with our expert Momchil Metodiev, a historian, with students from philosophy teacher Mrs. Diana Markova’s class from the Third High School of Natural Studies and Mathematics Acad. Metodiy Popov. Our discussion was part of the joint themes […]


First module of the Civil Education in Action project on the topic of “The Idea of Justice – Citizens’ Rights and Responsibilities” in Straldzha

In P. K. Yavorov Secondary School, in history teacher Ms. Galya Raynova’s class, with our expert Hristo Pangchugov, a political scientist, we played “The Prisoner’s Dilemma” and talked about the idea of justice and our rights and responsibilities as citizens within the framework of the theme “The Idea of Justice – Rights and Responsibilities of […]


Lesson in the town of Kardzhali from our project “Role of civil society – the fate of the Bulgarian Jews during the Holocaust“

After our meeting in the village of Chernoochene with the 1st place winner of the contest “Places and memory” for a research project dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the rescue of Bulgarian Jews, we headed to Kardjali, where we spoke with students of Petko R. Slaveykov Secondary School about the local Jewish community and […]


First module of the project “Civil Education in Action” on the topic “Politics, Democracy and the Rule of Law” in Teteven

In the class of Mrs. Tsonka Dushkova, a philosophy teacher from Sava Mladenov Secondary School, our expert on the project testing the Ministry of Education’s civic education project for eleventh and twelfth grade, politcal scientist Hristo Panchugov, presented the topic of “Politics, Democracy and the Rule of Law”.

Lesson in the town of Kyustendil from our project “Role of civil society – the fate of the Bulgarian Jews during the Holocaust “

Our team, in partnership with Associate Professor Albena Taneva and her students from the Department of Public Administration at Sofia University, presented to the students from the High School of Mathematics and Natural Studies Professor Emanuil Ivanov the topic “The memory of the fate of the Jews in Bulgaria in the Holocaust years”.


First module of the Civic Education in Action Project, discussing the topic of “Freedom, Citizens and Power” in Montana

On March 9, we piloted our modules for testing the Ministry of Education and Science’s programs for Civil Education for eleventh grade. Together with our expert, culturologist Ralitsa Kirilova, we visited PGTE “Hristo Botev” with Mrs. Sonia Mladenova, teacher of philosophy, and we discussed the theme “Freedom, citizens and authorities” with students in the eleventh […]


Sofia Platform as part of NACE

In 2016, Sofia Platform became part of NACE (Networking Arab Civic Education), an organisation whose goal is to connect different NGOs whose work deals with the Mediterranean Arab region. Sofia Platform’s director, Louisa Slavkova, commented that the organisation is a powerful advocacy tool for the importance of civic education. https://magazine.zenith.me/en/society/connecting-arab-civil-society


Yordan Sokolov passed away

Yordan Sokolov, a prominent Bulgarian politician, attorney and statesman, passed away today at the age of 83. He was President of the 38th Bulgarian National Assembly and Minister of Internal Affairs in the government of Filip Dimitrov. Yordan Sokolov was one of the most notable persons associated with the Union of the Democratic Forces, the […]


Sofia Platform organised training for Iraqi MPs and NGO representatives

Sofia Platform in cooperation with UNDP-Iraq organised a training seminar on the topic “Minorities rights and minorities participation and representation in politics. National and local level governance – policies and practices” with the participation of representatives of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, the Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament and the non-governmental sector in Iraq. The training was […]


Round-table discussion on EU foreign policy with Federica Mogherini took place in Sofia

Sofia Platform in cooperation with the European Council on Foreign Relations and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria organised an international round table discussion “The EU in a changing global environment: What next for EU’s Neighbours” with think-tank representatives in the framework of EU’s Global Foreign Policy Strategy Review and the review of the […]


New forms of journalism: working in conflict zones and during an information war

In the context of worrisome statistics and reports, showing worsening media freedom in Bulgaria, new forms of journalism are finding their way into the media landscape. A handful of young freelance journalists create their projects on their own and cover hotspots, the information about which is either scarce or provided only by foreign information services. The […]


The Transition: Myths and Memories, National Public Opinion Survey

In a national public opinion survey, 25 years of democratic changes in Bulgaria, pollsters interviewed 1200 Bulgarian citizens aged 16 and over. The interviewees represented a cross-section of gender, age and education-levels and came from a representative range of rural, suburban and urban areas. The study was part of the 25 years free Bulgaria initiative […]


Bulgaria and Turkey today: public lecture with Tuna Kiremitci

Sofia Platform and the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey organized a public discussion with Tuna Kiremitci, author and composer from Istanbul, awarded for numerous short films. Popular in Turkey and already published in Bulgarian, Mr. Kiremitci shared his impressions regarding the relations between Bulgaria and Turkey. The event took place on September 1st, 2014 […]