by Dr. Judith Enders, Mandy Schulze, and Christine Wetzel

A separated country that has been peacefully reunited is what characterises the unique case of Germany. While the majority of East Germans say the reunification has benefited them, criticism is directed at the speed of the transition and the process of adaptation to the West German system. People interviewed by members of Perspective3 stated that despite their initial enthusiasm, they felt deprived of agency in the project ‘Aufbau Ost’ (building up the East) and in redeveloping the state, the society and the economy. Noting that East German viewpoints are underrepresented in the assessment of the GDR and the reunification process, Perspective3 was created to give the the last one that grew up under the socialist system – the so-called third generation – a voice. This essay also addresses structural weakness of rural areas as a remaining societal problem.

Mandy Schulze, Perspektive3

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