New Sofia Platform publication – Unrewarding crossroads? The Black Sea Region amidst the European Union and Russia

We are proud to announce the publication of our edited collection “Unrewarding crossroads? The Black Sea Region amidst the European Union and Russia”.  This book, published by Sofia Platform and edited by Anahit Shirinyan and Louisa Slavkova, is designed to gather expertise from the region and beyond in order to highlight the foreign policy challenges currently faced by the Black Sea countries.

As the EU-Russia rivalry is altering the geostrategic and security environment of the region, countries and actors part of it are busy reassessing the geopolitical, economic and security realities so as to revise their policies accordingly. The EU, in particular is currently undergoing an overhaul of its European Neighbourhood Policy in order to make it more efficient and viable to the new realities on the ground. Meanwhile, Russia appears determined to keep its course of assertive, if not aggressive, neighbourhood policy, increasingly approved on the part of its own population, notwithstanding sanctions, shrinking economy, obvious economic and political downslides inside the Eurasian Economic Union, and mistrust on the part of its closest allies.

With the situation caught up in what appears to be a crisis and a stalemate all at once, we hope this volume will offer a modest contribution to an improved and strategic policy-formulation and decision-making that will eventually serve to the benefit of the whole region.We hope you will find the publication stimulating and we would be really interested in your feedback and your ideas in relation to the policy recommendations, presented in the different papers.

The publicationcan also be found on our website, where you can download the whole volume or the individual papers that interest you.