2014 Session 5B: Economies in transition: market economy and energy dependancies

Dealing with the Past while looking to the Future

International conference, part of the presidential initiative 25 years free Bulgaria

11 and 12 November 2014, Sofia, Bulgaria

When the Iron Curtain fell in 1989, many expected an order based on cooperation to unfold internationally, and liberal democracy, rule of law and market economy to flourish domestically. However, this was the case only partially and 25 years later we face the lasting effects of some of the dependencies, established prior to 89. So what have we as Europe learned from 25 years of freedom in economic terms? What lessons can be taken from how governments, business, and societies in CEE managed the periods of uncertainty, and how do they relate to our current time?

Daniel Dăianu, Professor of Economics, National School of Political and Administrative Studies (SNSPA) in Bucharest and ECFR Council member (Romania)

Julian Popov, Chairman of the Board of the Building Performance Institute, Europe, Fellow of the European Climate Foundation (Bulgaria/ UK)

Juraj Bayer, Member of the Board and Chief financial officer of ZSE Energiaand ECFR Council Member (Slovakia)

Krassen Stanchev, Associate Professor at the Sofia University in Economy, Board Chairman, Founder and former Executive Director of the Institute for Market Economy (Bulgaria) 

Moderator: Velislava Popova, Editor-in-Chief at Dnevnik daily newspaper (Bulgaria)