2014 Session 7: Unfinished business in the heart of Europe II: Eastern Neighbourhood and Russia

Dealing with the Past while looking to the Future

International conference, part of the presidential initiative 25 years free Bulgaria

11 and 12 November 2014, Sofia, Bulgaria

In this session we will focus on EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood and Russia from the point of view of the EU. How did the annexation of Crimea change the way Europe thinks of its neighbourhoods? Are we witnessing a revival of Cold War geopolitics and is there a threat of drawing new division lines in Europe, 25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall? Is the EU running a risk of losing its East and what would that mean for its own credibility as an inclusive union, and one that can handle its immediate neighbourhood? Does the fight for Ukraine remind us in the EU of the dilemmas ‘old Europe’ was facing with the post-communist countries post 89?


Craig Kennedy, President of the German Marshall Fund of the USA (1996 – 2014) (USA)

Ghia Nodia, Political analyst and founder of the Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development (Georgia)

Ion Sturza, Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, Founder and Chairman of Fribourg Capital, Council member of ECFR (Moldova)

Ivan Krastev, Chairman of the Centre for Liberal Strategies and founding board member of ECFR (Bulgaria)

Nina Khrushcheva, Professor at The New School New York (Russia/ USA)


Moderator: Vessela Tcherneva, Director of Wider Europe Programme, European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) (Bulgaria)