2014 Annual Conference: Dealing with the Past while looking to the Future

Annual Conference 2014

To mark 25 years of freedom in Bulgaria, the President of the Republic Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev hosted a series of events, to contribute to the process of rethinking the communist past and closing a page full of painful memories and controversial stories. Only after setting the events and stories straight, can we say for sure as a society that we’ve passed through change that irreversibly confirmed that justice, transparency and democracy are its basic fundament.

Together with the Initiative Committee for the commemoration of the anniversary, which was co-chaired by President Zhelyo Zhelev, the Sofia Platform organized an international high-level conference “Dealing with the Past while looking to the Future”. The event took place on November 11th and 12th, 2014 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Dealing with the Past While Looking to the Future 2014 Program

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 Session 1                                             Session 2A                                              Session 2B

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Session 3                                             Session 4                                              Session 5A

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Session 5B                                           Session 6                                              Session 7