2013 Session 5: The Fourth Estate in Times of Transition: Role and Impact of the Arab Media of Today

Sofia Platform 2013

31 October – 1 November Sofia (Bulgaria)

Did the new media started the revolution, or they just prepared it by altering the public environment in the countries of the Arab spring? No matter what the answer we would choose to give, there is no doubt that the new media improved the level of freedom of speech and changed the nature of the Arab Awakening. 4 Today, with the political process gaining complexity, what is the new role of the panArab media? What is the relationship between media and Islamic movements in power? The popular uprisings that have engulfed the Arab world present a unique opportunity to move away from state-controlled media to a more free and democratic media environment. They offer a prospect to open the gates to professional and independent media which can be critical to the creation and sustaining of democracies. What level of regulation or deregulation is needed and what could be the effects of it?

Remzi Lani, Executive Director of the Albanian Media Institute (Albania)

Lina Attalah, Editor in chief of Mada Masr (Egypt)

Zied el-Heni, Journalist and Blogger (Tunisia)

Mariya Stoyanova, Member of the Council for Electronic Media (Bulgaria)

Igor Janke, Author and Journalist (Poland)


Moderator: Adelina Marini, Editor in chief of euinside (Croatia)