2011: Panel 1: The Political Transition

The panel offered (re)assessment of the lessons learnt – best practices and mistakes made in Central and Eastern Europe’s transition. It addressed an array of critical issues, such as negotiated transition and the role of round tables, transitional justice and dealing with the legacies of the old regimes.

In the discussion participated: Zhelyu Zhelev, President of Bulgaria (1990-1997); Alexander Smolar, President of the Stefan Batory Foundation in Poland; Taoufik Ouanes, International lawyer in Tunisia; Mohamed Anwar El Sadat, Chairman of El Sadat Association for Social Development in Egypt and Ahmed Atef Dorra, film director and activist in Egypt.

The panel was moderated by Istvan Gyarmati, President of the International Centre for Democratic Transition in Hungary and included a keynote speech from Janos Martonyi, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary.