2011: Panel 4: Reforming Political Institutions

The panel focused on a number of broad areas of developing political institutions: constitutional changes; political parties and free elections; political change and transformation and consolidation of state institutions, local authorities, and public services.

In the discussion participated: Philip Dimitrov, former Prime Minister of Bulgaria (1991 -1992), Head of EU Delegation to Georgia; Dimitris Droutsas, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece; Sven Alkalaj, Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH; Abdel Monem Abouel Fetouh, Formal member of the leadership of Muslim Brotherhood and founder of a New Islamic Party “El Nahda” in Egypt; Isam al Khafaji, special advisor and consultant on the social and economic affairs of the Middle East in the Netherlands and Sihem Ben Sendrine, Spokesperson – Conseil national pour les libertés en Tunisie in Tunisia. The moderator of the panel was Radoslaw Markowski, Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Political Studies and Center for the Study of Democracy in Poland.