2011: Panel 2: Civil Society and Free Media

Functioning civil society and free media are essential for free societies. The panel focused on two broad areas. Firstly, it discussed the experience of different types of civil society organizations, including independent think tanks, human rights, etc., building networks and coalitions. Secondly, the panel discussed the challenges of establishing and maintaining free media, legal and institutional guarantees, establishment of independent public media, strong investigative journalism and independent media content.

In the discussion participated: Krzysztof Stanowski,Under-Secretary of State in MFA in Poland; Alexander Andreev, editor at Deutsche Welle in could i have herpes Bulgaria; Pavol Demes, Director at  GMF-Bratislava in Slovakia; Wasim Alqershi, Organization committee for Yemen Revolution in Yemen; Amani El-Khayat, ON TV in Egypt and Lamia Grar, Executive director of Arab Institute for Human Rights in Tunisia. The panel was moderated by Ivo Indzev, journalist in Bulgaria.